Cheerful Clown Alley #166 - Houston Texas
CLOWN SCHOOL 2016 Announced!
JUNE 14 - AUGUST 9, 2016

Cheerful Clown Alley is pleased to announce our 33rd Annual Clown School is scheduled for 2016! 
Dates are Tuesdays from June 14 - August 2, 6:30 - 8:45pm, and four Saturdays-- June 25, July 16, 
August 6 and August 13 from 
8:30am - 3pm.

Classes will be held at 
Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Rd., Houston, TX 77055

For more information and 
registration, please call Charmin at

Class seats are limited! 
Reserve your space today!

Congratulations to our new Clown School Graduates!

We are proud to announce that we have 14 new joeys who graduated from Cheerful's 32nd Annual Clown School on Saturday, August 1! They are all wonderful clowns and we welcome them to our alley family. 

Our 2015 graduates are: Lolli Dolli, Mimi, Numbers, Bo-ette, Quackers, Cap'n Shipwreck, MZ Tex, Ariel, Courage, Tinker, Lollipop, Jen Jen, Chesshire and J-Low. 

We thank all of our alley members and friends who participated in facilitating the classes and school, and Grace Presbyterian Church for allowing us to conduct our Clown School on their premises again this year.

If you are interested in participating in our 2016 Clown School, please contact us and we will send you the dates and registration information as soon as they are announced and become available!

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For those of you who missed it Charmin presented her HEE-HAW set at the April Clown meeting. Check out the photo and accompanying article by clicking on the face below.

Clown School Practice
Check out the Video Gallery and more Watch the Cheerful Clown Alley demonstrate this years first skit selection,  "Let's Meet in the Middle".  
After watching the video a few times practice the scene with a Friend.  
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Let's meet in the middle
Clown School skit selection #1
In preparation for CLOWN SCHOOL the Cheerful Alley would like to inspire you to get twisting with a little help from our featured balloon instructor Miss Holly Hopper.  Texas based YouTube sensation Holly Hopper, a.k.a The Twister sister, has been chosen as the Alley's balloon mentor. Her nurturing presentation style, "Super Cute" designs and gracious contribution to Art of Balloon Twisting make her a role model that we are happy to include here within our clown school
                                                                                         support pages.  CLICK HERE to See her tutorials.  Or CLICK HERE visit her on Youtube.      1/26/2013
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TCA 2014 - Kerrville, Texas
Slide Show presentation from Cheerful Clown Alley 166 at TCA 2014 Convention
<===Check out Giddy-Up's first on-line video for our NEW YouTube Chanel! 



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