The 33rd Annual CLOWN SCHOOL has come and gone. Stay tuned for information on the next CLOWN SCHOOL. CALL “CHARMIN” for information and registration: 713-373-9017 or a clown houston

  • Do you love working with people?
  • Do you believe the world needs more joy and laughter?
  • Want to try something new and have FUN?


We have been training clowns through our annual Clown School since 1982. Whether your interest is in becoming a professional or amateur clown, or simply growing through personal development and enrichment, our Clown School will get you started in the basics of clowning and help you develop, poise and performance skills–all in an atmosphere of fun, encouragement and play! What you do after Clown School is up to you: you can venture out on your own to further develop your interests and skills, continue to go to our monthly educational meetings and annual workshops, and/or join us in serving the community by supplying local organizations such as hospitals, special needs living facilities, retirement homes and charity fundraisers with highly qualified clowns and performers. Trust us, once you get started, you’ll want to CLOWN YOUR HEART OUT!!

While seasoned clowns have years of study in their craft, we’ll use our short 40+ hours over time to immerse you in the beginning basics with a solid foundation to graduate as a “real clown.”

Topics to be addressed include:

and much more!!

Clown Graduation Pictures


Clown School