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   CLOWN SCHOOL 2021 postponed due to COVID-19 virus pandemic 

Do you love connecting with people?
Do you believe the world needs more JOY and LAUGHTER?
Want to increase your professional value?

We have been training clowns through our nationally acclaimed clown school since 1982.  Whether your interest is in becoming a volunteer or a professional clown, or you simply like to have fun – our school will help you develop poise and confidence in a playful atmosphere!  What you do after clown school is up to you; join us at our monthly meetings for continuing education and entertainment or venture out on your own to further develop your skills. You can also join us in serving the community by providing highly trained clowns to support hospitals and senior facilities as well as special needs groups. We’ll use the relatively short 40 hours of class time to introduce you to the basics so you will have a solid foundation at graduation time to begin your journey into the art of clowning. Trust us – once you get started, you’ll want to clown your heart out!

2021 Schedule (under construction) 

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Topics to be addressed include makeup application, costuming, juggling, balloon twisting, face painting, and much more! Most classes will be Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9 pm in the Spring Branch area, with two Saturday sessions from 9 am to 4 pm. Classes or usually begin in June and end August ..

Tuition is $185 plus $22 for a background check and includes 35+ hours of class time, starter makeup kit, textbooks, alley membership dues and a full day workshop with a celebrity guest instructor.


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Clown Coordinators:  Joe “Blades” and Linda “Shotzie” Lester 713-240-2558 or

Pay Tuition

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Co-Chairs: Joe “Blades” and Linda “Shotzie” Lester 713-240-2558 or

Clown School:  Other things you need to know;
  1.  Special events during the clown school will include:
  • Clown garage sale – a swap meet for the entire alley and a good way for students to outfit your new clown at bargain prices.
  • Full day workshop by a celebrity guest instructors.
  • There will be a voluntary field trip on a Saturday to a vendor that sells makeup, facepaint, and professional clown noses.
  • Graduation Show is open to the public where your family and friends can watch you perform skits you have learned with your fellow clowns.
  • A few weeks after graduation another all day “jam” where things learned can be practiced with more detailed instruction provided.

2.  We will have no class the week with July 4th as many take extended time off with their families.

3.  Tuition includes alley membership dues paid up until January 1, 2022.

4.  Classes are limited only to registered paid students and Cheerful Clown Alley members – no visitors please.

5.  Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has also paid tuition.

We want you to be excited, but in their eagerness to get started, some students in the past have rushed out to buy things to be ready for their first day at clown school. To reduce your overall costs, we strongly recommend attending the first class before spending a lot of money.

6.  You will be required to apply the makeup provided during each scheduled clown face class. We will create class time to allow you to develop your makeup techniques because only through continued practice will you develop competence. Award–winning clown mentors will be on hand during class to help with your design and application.

7.  You will need to provide some makeup accessories; such as a carrying case, mirror, powder brush, and professional clown nose (more about the nose during class).

8.  Costume items such as shirt, pants or dress, wig, hat, shoes, etc. will be provided by each student. These can be quite expensive if professionally made but we will show you how to get started on a small budget with found items decorated in a clowny way. The garage sale is very helpful for this!

9.  Because we are very protective of the people we serve, a criminal background check (nonrefundable) must be successfully completed before full tuition can be accepted. It is handled by a professional third party vendor and no one else including Cheerful Clown Alley will have access to your private information. We only receive pass/fail notification. Contact Tiny for information on how to do this; full registration accepted after this step is complete.

Background Screening

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Clown Graduation Pictures

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