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Hey You Clowns!!!! Here is some updated TCA convention news for you! TCA has scholarships to award so you can attend the SCHOOL DAZE CONVENTION…FOR FREE!!! DEADLINE FOR THIS GREAT OFFER IS 9/1…look it over, send it in! This is a way the Texas Clown Association gives back to the membership. TCA Education ScholarshipApplication.

In case you have not heard, the convention is at LaTorretta Lake Resort in Montgomery, TX. This place is AH-MAZING and you can check it out at Pack your swimsuit and golf clubs for the down time or tootle around the shops downtown. Convention room rates are a steal at $119.78 per night up to 4 people per room at this rate!!! (Inclusive Pricing with Rate ($105) & Resort Fee ($1) and taxes = $119.78) …please reserve your room NOW…this rate goes way up after 9/8/17!!!!!

Be sure and get that hotel room booked!Take a look at the Resort.


Special Guest Star – Julie Varholdt

By now you know the theme for the convention is SCHOOL DAZE! Headliner for this convention is Julie “Lovely Buttons” Varholdt. Julie has been clowning for 25 years and is World Clown Association 2010 Clown of the Year and the first ever Clowns of America International 2010 Best Clown. She has been teaching, entertaining, and traveling around the USA and internationally. Check out her website or check her videos out on YouTube. This is one headliner you will not want to miss!!!!! –

Other entertainers and vendors include:

Regina Wollrabe, Julian Franklin, Diana McCurtain-Talbert, Vern King, Becca Andrews, “Son Shine Sisters”, Terri Stokes, Michael Crayton, Becky Deltenere, Kitty Kuhr, Andy Anderson, Aldo Iglehart, Dave Hinkin, Lulu Mire, Susan Keys, John Luce, Suzy Wall, and The Frown Busters!!!! Along with Steve Roeske (clown shoes), Pam Muenchow (clown jewelry and more) Kim Canales (homemade goodies and snacks), Rey Canales (airbrush art), Clarance Bull (clown and gospel magic and some makeup) Kitty Kuhr (costumes), All American Balloon, and Sam and Eye Photography.

Besides catching up on some schooling…you will want to show your creative side at the CLOWN PROM! Dress as you did for your prom, or wish you could have, but above all clown it up (dressing for the prom is NOT mandatory to enjoy the theme party)!! Of course, we will elect a Queen and King for this prom…remember if you did not make it your first go around, here is a second chance!!!

WHAT ABOUT A MUM????? Yes, we all had em for homecoming, in my day the guys bought them, times are different now…MAKE A CLOWN MUM…wear your mum at the convention and show it off. We will be voting on the MOST CREATIVE MUM at the theme party.

SO… think about the value for the money, apply for the scholarship, you will certainly want to make your reservation TODAY!!!! Some dates to remember…registration fee increases to $195 after 8/31 AND room rates increase to regular resort rates after 9/8/17.

AND ONE MORE THING…COAI has donated 1 free 2018 convention ticket to be raffled off at this 2017 TCA convention. YOU GOTTA BE THERE!!!!!

Registration information is available at Varholdt