Cheerful Clown Alley #166 - Houston Texas

Do you remember your SCHOOL DAZE?

The fun we had in High School...Hanging out with friends, cheering for our football team, the great hairstyles of the day and high style fashions for the Prom and of course you can’t forget your favorite teacher!


Cheerful Clown Alley #166 will host the 2017 TCA Convention at the Beautiful La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa located in the Historic town of Montgomery, Texas which is the home of the Texas Flag.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday,
September 27- October 1.

The theme of the convention will be “SCHOOL DAZE”.

We are excited to announce that the Convention Headliner will be none other than Zany Lady of Comedy, Julie “Lovely Button’s Varholdt, PC FE GT (Professional Clown, Family Entertainer, Giggle Therapist).

Julie is full of energy and lots of zaniness. So we might all end up in “Study” Hall and getting demerits for having too much fun.

The plan is to keep the theme geared from your Freshmen to Senior Years. The Good ole days!

You may want to dust off your Yearbook to get a Flashback of your” SCHOOL DAZE”. If there were some memories that you don’t care to remember from High School, well then here is your second chance to recreate a new memory of SCHOOL DAZE with lots of Fun and Laughter.

You will definitely want to stay tuned for more 2017 Convention updates by checking the Joey Journal and the TCA Website for more information on the Lecturers, Vendors and oh there will be so much more of the High School Flashback Fun coming.

You will find a Convention Enrollment Form, You will want to send in this form quickly so you can start planning who your roommate will be and when to schedule a spa or golf game. Oh and don’t forget about a visit to the Historic town of Montgomery that is filled with lots of great history and of course shopping.


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