Cheerful Clown Alley #166 - Houston Texas
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Boss Clown Reports should be submitted as soon as possible after the gig is over.  To get a PDF copy of the report Click here .  Complete and either scan and email to the Gig Coordinator or mail to "Bubbles".  Her address is in the directory.
If you choose to do the on-line report, please see below, this will automatically be emailed to the Gig Coordinator when you select SEND.
On-Line Report
Alley Boss Clown Report
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Gig Date
Event Times
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Phone Number
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Donation Received
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Boss Clown
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Volunteer Clown Report
Boss Clown Comments/Observations
1. Did this gig meet the alley's guidelines to be considered a volunteer gig?
2. Was the host or client pleased with the service from the alley?
3. Would we ever want to do this gig again, if asked by the client?
Boss Clown Comments -

Helpful Tips and Rules for Boss Clowns
Bossing a gig is easy! Anyone can do it, but before you boss your first gig, please read these helpful tips and rules below. Then contact us, volunteer and boss a gig!
You will enjoy it!



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