Be a Part of Clown History!

Be a Part of the Convention Yearbook – By August 1!

Yearbook? What?! That’s right! This year’s TCA Convention

(Sept. 27 – Oct. 1 in Montgomery) is themed “School Daze,” so it only makes sense that our “program” will be turned into a “YEARBOOK!” And we want you ALL, whether or not you are attending the convention, to be part of this one-of-a-kind 2017 Yearbook!

Here is a FUN way to be included in the yearbook and support the convention:


We anticipate having pages and pages of pics of all of our clown friends in the program/yearbook, so it will look.. well… like a yearbook full of student pics!

  • Send us your picture, along with your First Name “Clown Name” Last Name.
  • We will crop your picture for you, to be the perfect square “yearbook picture” – so no worries, there!
  • This will only cost $10! And will last a lifetime!
  • SUGGESTION for ALLEYS: Organize a photo session at your next alley meeting. Line everyone up and snap pics (one person at a time), and send them over! EASY EASY!
  • The pic can be anything you want. Your high school pic, current pedestrian pic, or in clown!

All your friends are doing it!! But need more incentive? Submit your picture(s) and you will be entered into a raffle for a VENDOR ROOM GIFT CERTIFICATE!


Who doesn’t like some friendly, pre-convention competition? Help support this year’s convention through ad sales! When YOU sell the most ads ($ amount), YOU will:

  • Be CROWNED the “TCA AD-miral” at this year’s PROM! ((FANCY!!!))
  • Receive unlimited bragging rights!
  • Get your picture in the Joey Journal, and Be the lucky recipient of a Vendor Room Gift Certificate!
  • NOTE: Make sure we know if you get credit for an ad!!! Tell us, or put it on the ad itself!

Advertising Details

Here’s all the traditional ad sizes, but the space doesn’t have to be for a traditional ad! Use this ad space for anything you can imagine! Write a “yearbook message” to a fellow clown! Use it for a picture, maybe even a then-and-now pic! Make up a cheer for TCA! Scan an old report card, if you dare! Ha! Let’s see you use that great clown creativity!

Deadline for ads is August 1, 2017.


Front Cover – Unavailable

Back Cover – Full Page Color $145
Inside Back Cover – Full Page Color $125
Inside – Full Page Color $100
Inside – Full Page Black and White $85
Inside – Half Page Color $75
Inside – Half Page Black and White $60
Inside – Quarter Page Color $45
Inside – Quarter Page Black and White $30
Business – Card Color $25
Business – Card Black and White $15

Maximum space on each page will be 8 ½”x11” (minus small border)

  • Submit camera-ready ads
  • Preferred file type: PDF or JPG
  • Advertisements must be paid in advance
  • Traditionally, alleys have purchased full page ads
  • Individuals usually invest in half page or quarter size or business card ads
  • Dealers are encouraged to include an ad so TCA members can use as a reference later in the year

Email the camera-ready file (ads or picture) to Mary “Charmin” Whipple at Deadline for ads is August 1, 2017.

Payment Information
Send PAYMENT made out to TCA 2017 Convention to the following:
Mauri “Binkie” Norris
c/o TCA 2017 Convention
6504 Kenyon Ln. Bellaire, Texas 77401-3705

Questions: Contact Charmin – Cell: 713-373-9017