Cheerful Clown Alley #166 - Houston Texas
 2016 Awards Banquet

2016 Whispers recipient -
 Mary "Charmin" Whipple

Former Whispers in attendance:

From left to right: 2012 Whispers Joe "Biscuit" Holton, 2014 Whispers Patsy "Glitterbug" McMillan, 1996 Whispers Mauri "Binkie" Norris, 2004 Whispers David "Backrub" Dawlearn,
2015 Whispers Judy "Peep" Cornett, 2016 Whispers Mary "Charmin" Whipple, 2001 Whispers June "Cricket" Hinkle, 2000 Whispers Patti "Patticake" Gilbert, 1995 Whispers Donna "Sweetie" Mathews, (behind "Sweetie") Larry "Hi-Lo" Barber,  2013 Whispers Mike "Boo" Vinson, and 2008 Whispers Ken "Putt Putt" Kitchen.

Clowning from the heart                 

All Cheerful Clowns Alley clowns, clown from the heart! A few of them were recognized at the 2016 Awards Banquet for giving of themselves just a little bit more.  Congratulations! 
Clowning from the heart recipients:  Jennifer "Plumcute" Howard, Linda "Noodles" Cooper and Joe "Tiny" Luce  (Cheerful Clown Alley President Pam "Touche" Blacklock appears between "Plumcute" and "Noodles."

All Star Award - Cynthia "Giddy-Up Annie" Parker



Photos from a great evening - 


 The Pres falling down with laughter at a fun evening!

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